Wood is unique material that has the most variable specifications and applications. None product for floor offers as many advantages as the wood flooring.

The main advantages of woods.

  • It brings the comfort of nature to your home or office.
  • It is a natural and ecologically correct material witch can be recycled.
  • Less energy is required to fabricate the products.
  • Hardwood used in flooring and decking fabrication generates less toxic garbage than other materials, like concrete or granite
  • It is easy to clean and don’t accumulate dust.
  • It is sound insulator.
  • It has naturals thermal insulator properties.
  • It is durable. Wood is usually used for floorings with high resistance to the fungi insects and rot attack.
  • It is resistant. Wood usually used for flooring is highly dense.
  • It is economic. Due to this features of durability, resistance, maintenance and conservation, wood is a very economic product.